Rights Violation

The nature of our work is such that the content of the portal is contributed by users. Therefore if someone has posted material which is in breach of your rights, please write to us at:

Please mention in your email the items and links to the publications which are in breach of your copyrights or other rights, and we will remove the unwanted content within 24 hours and forbid future publication of it.

In confirmation of your authorship please provide the necessary documents or send a letter from the postal address which is shown as the contact address in the app or on its official web pages.

Report Suspicious File

We thoroughly check all files posted on the site using the Virustotal service, and we also use our own algorithms to check security and remove dangerous files from the site, and show notifications before letting one download any files which seem suspicious. However, it sometimes happens that zero results are obtained from any antivirus, but file is still harmful in some way. Please notify us without delay of any such instances at:

At all times please ensure that you mention the name of the suspicious file and link from which it was downloaded (if it has been saved), so that we can remove such files as quickly as possible. Please remember that in accordance to the Terms of Service Users download software at their own risk because other Users can add software on DROIDBANG.COM, and the Administration does not carry out preliminary moderation of posted content.

If you wish to keep your devise as secure as possible, we advise you only to use the latest version of Android and not to download software from unreliable sources. We try to do all we can to make DROIDBANG.COM as safe as possible but, objectively, we cannot provide 100% protection or provide any sort of guarantee. In promptly notifying us of suspicious files posted by users you help us to make the site more secure.