Privacy policy

This document is an inalienable part of the User Agreement. It uses terms and definitions which have been introduced by the User Agreement and contains details about how we process any user information which the Administration may obtain in the course of using DROIDBANG.COM by the User.

The use of DROIDBANG.COM implies the User's unconditional consent to this Policy and the conditions specified in it for processing their personal data; if the User does not agree to these conditions, he/she must refrain from using DROIDBANG.COM.

  1. User Personal Data Obtained and Processed by the Administration
    1. For the purposes of this Policy “user personal data” means::
      1. Personal information which the User provides about themselves independently on registration (creation of an account) or during using DROIDBANG.COM, including the user personal data. Information that is required for the provision of services is clearly indicated. Other information is provided by the User at their discretion.
      2. Details which are automatically transferred to DROIDBANG.COM during use of the site through software installed in the User’s device, including the IP address, information from cookies, information about the User's hardware or browser (or other program) which is used to access DROIDBANG.COM, the time of visit, and the address of the page requested.
      3. Other information about the User if collecting and/or providing it are/is set out in the regulations for certain DROIDBANG.COM servers.
    2. This Policy is applicable only to DROIDBANG.COM. The Administration does neither monitor nor assume liability for third-party sites to which the User can go from links on DROIDBANG.COM. On such sites some other information can be collected or requested about the User, and other actions can be carried out.
    3. The Administration generally does not check the veracity of personal data provided by User and does not monitor whether they are legally competent. However, the Administration relies on the assumption that the User introduces accurate and sufficient information into the fields of the registration form and keeps that information up to date. The risk related to providing incorrect information shall be borne by the User who provided it.

  2. Purpose of Collecting and Processing User Personal Data
    1. The Administration collects and stores only that personal data which is necessary for the provision of services (performance of agreements and contracts with the User).
    2. The Administration may use the user personal data for the following purposes:
      1. Identifying a party to an agreement or contract with the Administration;
      2. Providing the User with personalised services; ;
      3. Communicating with the User, including sending notifications, requests, and information related to the use or provision of services, and for processing requests and applications from the User;
      4. Improving the quality of services, convenience of the use thereof, and developing new services;
      5. Targeting the marketing materials;
      6. Carrying out statistical analysis and other research on the basis of anonymised data.

  3. Terms and Conditions of Processing User Personal Data and Transferring It to Third Parties
    1. Confidentiality of the user personal data is assured except in the event of voluntary provision by the User of information about themselves to be generally available to an unlimited number of persons. When some services are used (for example, publication of materials), the User agrees that a certain part of their personal data becomes generally accessible.
    2. When using DROIDBANG.COM, some user personal data (including their IP address, the User's activity on the site, information from Cookies, and information about the User's hardware and browser) is automatically collected by third-party site-embedded codes showing advertisements, statistics counters, and web-analysis systems, video players, “share” buttons, quizzes, community widgets, and so on. At present, DROIDBANG.COM pages can contain the following third-party codes:
      • Google AdSense, Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and other Google's systems;
      • Yandex.Metrika, Yandex advertising network, Yandex.Market and other Yandex's systems;
      • AdRiver, AdFox, LiveInternet;
      • Vkontakte, Twitter, Instagram;
      • YouTube, Vimeo, Coub;
      • Playbuzz.
    3. The Administration shall have the right to transfer the user personal data to third parties in the following circumstances:
      1. When the User has consented to such action;
      2. When the transfer is necessary due to using a particular service by the User or for the provision of services to the User;
      3. When the transfer is required by the Russian or other applicable laws under established legal procedures;
      4. When such transfer takes place as a part of the sale or other transfer of a business (in whole or in part), when the purchaser acquires all obligations to comply with the terms and conditions of this Policy regarding the personal data obtained by the purchaser;
      5. In order to ensure protection of the rights and lawful interests of the Administration or third parties when the User is in breach of the User Agreement.
      When processing the user personal data, the Administration shall be guided by the Personal Data Federal Law of the Russion Federation.
  4. Change of Personal Information by the User
    1. The User may at any time change (update, supplement) or remove the personal information they have provided, or a part thereof, and the confidentiality parameters, using the edit function as to personal data in the site's “Settings” menu or by clicking on the “Edit profile” link in the User’s profile.
  5. Measures Taken to Protect User Personal Data
    1. The Administration will take all necessary and sufficient organisational and technical measures to protect user personal data from unlawful or accidental access, destruction, change, blocking, copying, distribution, and other unlawful actions with it that can be done by third parties.
  6. Changes to Confidentiality Policy. Applicable Legislation
    1. The Administration shall have the right to make changes to this Confidentiality Policy. When changes are made, the current version shows the date of the most recent update. The new version of the Policy comes into force when it is published on the DROIDBANG.COM website unless otherwise provided for by the new version of the Policy. The current version is always posted at
    2. This Policy and the relationship between the User and the Administration arising in connection with the application of this Confidentiality Policy are subject to the law of the Russian Federation.
  7. Feedback. Questions and Proposals
    1. All proposals or questions relating to this Policy should be sent to .