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Meesho Is an online shopping app for Android devices that offers you a Commission if they sell products that you share with your contacts
Desire, Wallapop, Amazon, eBay… There are loads of different online shopping apps that work more or less the same way: we have to explore the catalog with different categories and add products to our shopping cart. When we think we are done, we simply have to complete the purchase using the payment method of our choice.

To a certain extent, Meesho works the same way: you can explore the catalog and purchase products that you like the most. However, you can also earn money as a Commission for products sold if you shared it earlier. This app gives us the ability to share product catalogs with our contacts. If any of them complete the purchase, you will earn a transaction percentage. As easy as that.

As you can see, this is an online trading app that allows us to make money without risk: you only need to send spam to your WhatsApp contacts. In any case, we are talking about an app guide focused on users in India and offers us various categories of items ranging from fashion to home appliances, as well as accessories and jewelry.
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