This Agreement regulates the relationship between the Administration of the DROIDBANG.COM site and You — the individual who searches for, distributes or obtains information by using the DROIDBANG.COM website.
  1. Parties to the Agreement
    The Administration of the DROIDBANG.COM information resource (hereinafter DROIDBANG.COM) located on the droidbang.com domain, hereinafter the Administration, and You — the individual who searches for, distributes, and obtains information by using this resource, hereinafter User, have entered into this User Agreement, hereinafter the Agreement, as follows:

  2. Subject of the Agreement
    The Administration provides the User with access to DROIDBANG.COM and the opportunity to use DROIDBANG.COM for searches, obtain from, and post on DROIDBANG.COM the following published materials:
    • textual information;
    • images and photographs;
    • binary files and archive files;
    • links to material posted on DROIDBANG.COM or elsewhere.

  3. Parties' Rights and Obligations
    The User shall have the right to:
    • search for, transfer, store, and distribute information on DROIDBANG.COM in any legal manner;
    • comment on information provided by other users;
    • evaluate the information and comments posted by other users by giving marks a limited number of times;
    • ask the Administration to delete their account and all information posted by the User.

    The Administration shall have the right to:
    • at its discretion create, change, and delete rules of the use of DROIDBANG.COM;
    • at its discretion limit, in whole or in part, the User's access to DROIDBANG.COM or separate elements thereof
    • at its discretion ban the User from setting up an account on DROIDBANG.COM;
    • at its discretion review, remove or edit all information posted by the user, including registration details and inboxes.

    The User agrees:
    • to ensure the reliability of the information that is shared;
    • to identify the author of information which is not the user's own;
    • not to distribute information, distribution of which is limited or forbidden by the legislation of the Russian Federation, inter alia, if distributing the information results in criminal or administrative sanctions;
    • not to affect the operability of DROIDBANG.COM by distributing information containing viruses, by creating the additional loading on the server, or by using undocumented functions and capabilities;
    • not to distribute software which requires additional payment for use (apart from internet traffic costs) without the consent of the Administration;
    • not to distribute advertising or similar materials without the consent of the Administration;
    • not to distribute links to file hosting, apart from when it is not possible to post files on the DROIDBANG.COM servers because of technical or legal restrictions;
    • neither discuss or disclose the details of how the assessment and voting system works on DROIDBANG.COM nor ask other users to give positive assessments nor promise positive assessments to other users in exchange for any actions or services;
    • not to rig the voting or vote intentionally for material posted by any particular user;
    • not to use obscene language or insult other DROIDBANG.COM users;
    • not to register more than one account with DROIDBANG.COM, except when registration of additional accounts has been agreed with the Administration.

    The Administration agrees:
    • if the User posts information the distribution of which is limited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, either to issue the User a warning and remove the information or remove the User account with all posted material or both;
    • to provide all available information about the User to the authorised state organisations in the events and by the means established by the laws of the Russian Federation;
    • to protect information added by the User from unauthorised access.

  4. Other conditions
    • Attention! The User downloads software from DROIDBANG.COM at their risk. The User agrees that payment may be taken for the use of software posted on DROIDBANG.COM. The User is aware that software on DROIDBANG.COM may be posted by other users and the Administration carries out no prior moderation of the posted content.
    • The User is aware and agrees that all information posted may be used by search engines or in other ways.
    • The Administration does not guarantee that DROIDBANG.COM will function without interruption.
    • In the event of force majeure circumstances (war, natural disasters or actions of the authorities) the Administration does not guarantee the information integrity or uninterrupted operation of DROIDBANG.COM.

  5. Parties' Liabilities
    If an action of the User leads to any claims by third parties, including with regard to copyrights or allied rights, all liability and costs such as compensation for damages or harm, including moral damages, legal costs, fines and charges arising as a result of entering into amicable agreements, and other charges, including damage to goodwill arising for the Administration or third parties, shall be borne by the User.

  6. Duration and Conditions of Validity of Agreement
    This Agreement comes into force either from the moment a User is registered and provided with an account or from when software or themes posted on DROIDBANG.COM is downloaded, whichever is sooner, and is of unlimited duration. The Administration reserves the right to unilaterally change the provisions of the Agreement, and the User may be notified of changes by using the DROIDBANG.COM technical services.

    The current version of the Agreement is posted on:

    This Agreement also includes the Privacy Policy, which defines the terms and conditions for processing any information about the User which the Administration may obtain in the process of using DROIDBANG.COM by the User.

    The use of DROIDBANG.COM implies the User's unconditional consent to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. If the User does not agree with these terms and conditions, he/she must refrain from using DROIDBANG.COM.