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Android 4.1+
360 Security 5.6.9. Screenshot 1 360 Security 5.6.9. Screenshot 2 360 Security 5.6.9. Screenshot 3 360 Security 5.6.9. Screenshot 4 360 Security 5.6.9. Screenshot 5 360 Security 5.6.9. Screenshot 6 360 Security 5.6.9. Screenshot 7
360 Mobile Security is effective and free protection of your Android mobile device. The antivirus application is designed to protect your smartphone from new viruses, malware, system vulnerabilities, and confidential data leaks.
360 Mobile Security is easy, fast, and free. Download this free app, which is already used by more than 275 million users. Why pay for so-called Premium features? With this mobile solution, you will get advanced mobile security features that other antivirus applications have to pay for.

Main 360 Security features:
  • Scanning and deleting viruses
  • Using a dual-core antivirus system to protect your Android smartphone from the latest threats using the advanced QVS engine and 360 Cloud engine.
  • Real-time protection
  • Scanning of installed apps and local APK files is performed in real time, monitoring each installation process.
  • Privacy adviser
  • Serves as a security consultant, indicating which apps have access to your personal data.
  • Fixes for system vulnerabilities
  • Detects and resolves vulnerabilities in your mobile phone using proven methods.
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