Clicker For WhatsApp 1.0

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Android 4.0+
Clicker For WhatsApp 1.0. Screenshot 1 Clicker For WhatsApp 1.0. Screenshot 2 Clicker For WhatsApp 1.0. Screenshot 3
Clicker for WhatsApp is an application for sending messages in one click.
Allows you to send not only a lot of messages to one contact, but also arrange a mailing list for contacts. You can use it to play a good joke on a friend. For the application to function during the first launch, you need to give access to advanced features, because the standard WhatsApp client is used for mailing.

Main Clicker for WhatsApp app features:
  • Sending Messages to a group of contacts.
  • Sending empty messages.
  • Flip the message.
  • The number of messages sent is from 1 to 100 thousand.
This app is also called clicker for WhatsApp, bomber or bomber for WhatsApp.
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