APK-file's certificates verification on DroidBang

The files on DroidBang are uploaded mostly by users, and we protect you from malicious software. For these purposes, we use anti-virus scanning and our own malware detection systems. We also use verification of digital signatures and certificates in APK-files of programs and games for Android.
Our system uses 4 levels of security:
File verified — digital signature of the file matches with the developer's signature.
Be careful — the digital signature is not yet verified, or we could not get the developer's digital signature.
Uncertain file — digital signature of a file differs from the signature of the developer of the program.
Modification — file signed by an untrusted certificate or does not pass the integrity check.

Our automation has tested tens of thousands of the most popular topics and the work continues. This system makes downloading from DroidBang a much safer and more convenient. However, remember — the software is put on the site by users and all security measures can not provide 100% protection. So you use this site at your own danger and risk.
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