Freedom 1.8.4

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Android 2.3+
Freedom 1.8.4. Screenshot 1 Freedom 1.8.4. Screenshot 2
Freedom is capable to emulate LVL license checking system in Google Play Market so you can buy things by in-app purchases (In-App Billing) for free. Freedom requires root-access on your Android device.
With Freedom you can buy everything in the game or unlock premium features in the app completely for free.

How its working:
  1. Install Freedom, launch it and grant root-access.
  2. Inside Freedom choose any game or app where you want to buy something.
  3. Launch a game or app inside Freedom and go for in-app purchases.
  4. Choose what you want to purchase and you will be redirected to Google Play. If there is Free Card option for paying then workaround is working. Click Free Card and enjoy free stuff.
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