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Android 5.0+
GLTools 1.0. Screenshot 1 GLTools 1.0. Screenshot 2 GLTools 1.0. Screenshot 3 GLTools 1.0. Screenshot 4
GLTools is a custom OpenGL driver that is compatible with any OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU and ARM processors, x86 processors are not supported (for example, Galaxy Tab 3). The closest analogue of the program is Chainfire3D.
GLTools аeatures:
  • Change the resolution and bit depth of the image in any game.
  • Emulate any GPU — enjoy cool graphics even on an unnamed GPU.
  • Do whatever you want with textures: compress / decompress textures even in an unsupported format, but don't forget to install the plugin (you don't need more than 500Kb of mobile Internet).
  • Optimize shaders on the fly (the same optimizer uses Unity3D).
  • Enable anti-aliasing in any program (if, of course, anti-aliasing is supported by your GPU).
  • Measure performance gains using the FPS counter (on-screen or Logcat).
GLTools is 100% safe if you have a custom recovery (and if you, of course, did not specifically disable the creation of backups in GLTools), if something breaks-just flash /sdcard/

Careful: Do not make backups of this program (for example, using Titanium Backup), the developer will add the ability to save settings later, but in the meantime, your settings may be mixed up. The same goes for uninstalling programs: before uninstalling, don't forget to disable the app's user settings in GLTools.

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22,8 MB ROOT

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Android 5.0+
ARMv8 (64bit), ARMv7 and better

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