AMC Security 5.14.1

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AMC Security 5.14.1. Screenshot 1 AMC Security 5.14.1. Screenshot 2 AMC Security 5.14.1. Screenshot 3 AMC Security 5.14.1. Screenshot 4 AMC Security 5.14.1. Screenshot 5 AMC Security 5.14.1. Screenshot 6 AMC Security 5.14.1. Screenshot 7
Advanced Mobile Care — an all-in-one application for protecting and optimizing the performance of the Android OS. Powerful utilities: Game Accelerator, Saving Battery, Application Manager, Task Stop and Privacy Protection. Download for FREE and get the most out of your Android device!
Combining stylish design and powerful features, Advanced Mobile Care provides Android users with a great way to protect their smartphones from security and performance issues. With Advanced Mobile Care, your device will receive automated protection and system configuration tools such as malicious code removal, personal data protection and operating system cleanup, in addition to a rich set of system utilities.

  • Mobile antivirus
  • System Setup
  • Game Accelerator
  • Saving battery
  • Application Manager
  • Stopping tasks
  • Privacy protection
  • Widget

Download AMC Security 5.14.1

27 MB

Certificate checked No viruses found QR Permissions (34)
Android 6.0+
ARMv8 (64bit), ARMv7 and better
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Download AMC Security 5.12.1
14,5 MB

Certificate checked Suspicious (1) QR Permissions (36)
Android 4.1+
ARMv6 and better
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