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ASTRO File Manager 8.13.5. Screenshot 1 ASTRO File Manager 8.13.5. Screenshot 2 ASTRO File Manager 8.13.5. Screenshot 3 ASTRO File Manager 8.13.5. Screenshot 4 ASTRO File Manager 8.13.5. Screenshot 5
ASTRO File Manager — not only perfectly handles moving, copying and running any files, but also works with Tar and ZIP archives. There is also a process Manager and a utility for creating a backup copy of the apk file from already installed applications.
It is also possible to search for the necessary files, both on the device and on the SD card. It supports working with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks, but only after installing the corresponding extensions. It is particularly pleasing that you do not need ROOT user rights to use all these functions.

Separate attention is given to the interface of the program. It looks very simple and is not cluttered with unnecessary elements. The control panel at the top of the screen is designed as a carousel, which allows you to avoid unnecessary tabs. If you want, you can upload a theme that you will like more than the standard one.

The menu of actions with files opens by a long tap on the icon. All actions are intuitive and reading the reference materials is hardly necessary, although this feature is available in metro File Manager.
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