Battlelands Royale 2.9.4

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Battlelands Royale is a game created for mobile devices. Play a single and multiplayer game, fight and defeat players from all over the world.
The game Battle royale will please and delight many. Play with 32 different players, take part in a non-stop battle for your honor. No difficulties in the menu and navigation. Play without any problems, use a parachute, shoot and survive. Earn coins and buy equipment for future combat. Battlelands royale will be available worldwide in the summer of 2018.

Main Battlelands Royale game features:
  • Play with people from all over the world in real time
  • There is a multiplayer game! Team up with your friends and conquer the battlefield with them. You can also play with completely random teams.
  • Cool prizes! Each level, you get a new outfit for your character and other prizes, including improved parachutes.
  • Explore this vast world! You can open the parachute in one place, and then control the landing place.
  • A huge number of different weapons, armor.
  • The Playground gradually narrows. Be careful or you will be engulfed by the storm.
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