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Chromium 106.0.5228.0. Screenshot 1 Chromium 106.0.5228.0. Screenshot 2 Chromium 106.0.5228.0. Screenshot 3 Chromium 106.0.5228.0. Screenshot 4
Chromium web browser open source, community-developed The Chromium Authors, Google and some other companies (Opera, Yandex, NVIDIA, ...). The Google Chrome browser is based on Chromium (while early pre-alpha versions are also available within Chromium, where you can get acquainted with innovations that are not yet included in Chrome).
In short, Chromium is an open source browser whose code is used in the famous Google Chrome. Since both programs have the same lines of code and functions, only differing in a few small details, they are, in General, very similar. To get started, the Chrome icon consists of primary colors: red, blue, yellow, and green, and Chromium is almost identical, but has several shades of blue.

Main Chromium app features:
  • Syncing data between devices: all your bookmarks and open tabs are available on your laptop, phone, and tablet simultaneously.
  • Traffic control: thanks to data compression and bandwidth control, the volume of mobile traffic when viewing pages can be reduced by half.
  • Save time: when you enter a search query, suggestions are displayed that allow you to quickly go to a previously opened page.
  • Voice search: you don't have to enter search queries, you can just say them.
  • Translation: no more language barriers when reading web pages!
  • Convenient management: you can open as many tabs as you want and easily switch between them.
  • Privacy: in incognito mode, the history of visited sites is not saved.
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