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Custom Aim is the #1 free and feature-rich app for real gamers who want to always hit the target.
In most games, it is rare that attention is paid to setting up and selecting the scope. Basically, gamers are forced to use custom sights, only changing their size and color. Sometimes, this is not always convenient, and it is at such moments that the Custom Aim – the sight generator-comes to the rescue. Here you will find the most unusual, beautiful and convenient sights that will help you focus on the target and always hit the bull's-eye. Dominate the battles and win with Custom Aim!

This application will be especially useful for those who like to shoot from grenade launchers, sniper rifles and rocket launchers, which, sometimes, do not provide a sight or it is not convenient enough. Choose the color, size and shape of the sight, download it to your favorite shooter and enjoy the convenient gameplay!

Features of the Custom Aim app:
  • Huge selection of sights;
  • Setting sights in games;
  • Manual settings for each sight.

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12,6 MB

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Android 4.4+
ARMv7 and better
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