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Epic Race 3D is a colorful and addictive adventure in which you will have to jump, dodge and spin a lot to get ahead of your rivals.
It's time to take a break from primitive racing and immerse yourself in the world of three-dimensional colorful little men who will compete in exciting races. But it's not as easy as it may seem, because to get to the finish line first, you need to accelerate and jump in time. And if running on a straight road is nothing, then try to cope with climbing walls and large ravines.

Thanks to its simple controls and smooth physics, this game will bring you extremely positive emotions and lots of fun. These cute gutta-percha little men will show you what they are capable of. The winner will receive a reward in the form of coins that can be spent on improvements and new levels. So rather, sit in your most comfortable chair and get to the start!

Features of the game Epic Race 3D:
  • Rich 3D graphics;
  • Simple gameplay;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • Many levels.

Download Epic Race 3D 200256

140,2 MB

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Android 5.0+
ARMv8 (64bit), ARMv7 and better
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Download Epic Race 3D 2.2.0
96,7 MB

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Android 5.0+
ARMv7 and better
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