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Android 4.1+
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Eyecon — automatically adds photos to your contacts and organizes your favorite messengers for easy and instant access. In one click – just see and call – this is how the new generation of dailers works. Using our Caller ID, you can see the caller's photo and name during the call.
Eyecon is designed for modern people who use all possible means of communication. An intuitive and colorful address book allows you to collect all the icons of the most popular applications (including mail, messengers and social networks) on one page.

Always free and ad-free!

Main Eyecon features:
  • Visually. In one click, EYECON installs images on your contacts, turning your address BOOK into a colorful album. When you dial a number, it is easier to find a contact.
  • Safely. Protect yourself from spam and anonymous calls using our Caller ID. This system is based on social network IDs, so photos are always of high quality and the information is carefully checked.
  • Effectively. Contact us using Whatsapp, Vkontakte, Facebook, Skype and other services. Eyecon leads directly to the page of the desired contact.
  • Intuitively. Our technology learns your preferences while working with EYECON. The more often you call a contact, the higher their icon in the address book. Your favorite messengers will be shown first on the page.
  • Checking availability. Find out if the subscriber is ready to communicate without interrupting them in the middle of business and without violating their personal space. With a single click, you send a request, and your friend tells you in one click if they can talk, or calls you back instantly.
  • Your image. You choose how your photo will look in your friends ' phones. And your own address book can be colored to your liking with 30 new color themes.
  • New images every day. Play and add photos to your address book that EYECON is constantly looking for for you.
  • Add contacts. After a conversation with a subscriber who was not recorded in your address book, easily save a new contact, because we already know the name and photo. You don't even have to write anything!
  • Privacy. Connect with just a phone number, without syncing with third-party apps or the tedious registration process.

Eyecon is more than just a «dialer». This is a completely new approach to networking and organizing contacts. Eyecon can be installed as the main dailer on Android devices.

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Android 4.1+
ARMv8 (64bit), ARMv7 and better, x86, x86_64
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