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Fonts Keyboard — is a great app for changing the fonts and keyboard fonts of your device. The new fonts work great on social media and chats.
You don't have to be a blogger or designer to have the need to decorate your social media pages. Unusual fonts will only emphasize your personality and help you visually diversify the content of your page. Show the world that you are a bright and creative person. There are many beautiful fonts for your choice for every taste and for any occasion. Whether you need to create a birthday invitation, create stories for Instagram, make a post, or just surprise your friends, Fonts Keyboard app will help you with everything.

The app is small and optimized for any device. Installing and connecting fonts is as easy as shelling pears, and you can read the instructions when you run the app for the first time. Fashionable fonts will not only help to decorate your profile, but will simply delight the eye during a day. Create unique graphic masterpieces, delight friends and family, fill your profiles with modern content and enjoy the beautiful fonts!

Features of Fonts Keyboard app:
  • Minimalistic interface;
  • A huge variety of fonts;
  • Change keyboard font;
  • A great way to create unique content for social media;
  • Fonts are supported by many social networks and messengers.

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