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Galaxy Wearable 2.2.42. Screenshot 1 Galaxy Wearable 2.2.42. Screenshot 2 Galaxy Wearable 2.2.42. Screenshot 3 Galaxy Wearable 2.2.42. Screenshot 4 Galaxy Wearable 2.2.42. Screenshot 5
Galaxy Wearable — allows you to connect a wearable device to a mobile device. In addition, it allows you to manage the functions of the wearable device and applications installed via Galaxy Apps, as well as control their operation.
The Galaxy Wearable app is used to configure and manage the following features:
  • connecting to and disconnecting from a mobile device;
  • SOFTWARE update;
  • clock setting;
  • downloading and configuring apps;
  • find a watch;
  • creating and configuring notifications, and so on.

Install the Galaxy Wearable app on your mobile device, pair it with your wearable device via Bluetooth, and enjoy all the features listed.
  1. The settings and features available in the Galaxy Wearable app only work if the wearable device is connected to a mobile device. If the wearable device is not securely connected to the mobile device, the correct operation of the functions is not guaranteed.
  2. The Galaxy Wearable app is not supported on Gear VR and Gear 360.
  3. The Galaxy Wearable app does not support tablets. In addition, the supported devices may differ depending on the region, mobile network operator, and device brand.
  4. Keyword: Galaxy Watch, GearS3, GearS2, GearFit2, Samsung, SamsungGear, Manager, GearManager, Galaxy Wearable.
  5. This app is designed for Galaxy Watch, Gear S3, Gear S2, Gear Fit2, Gear Fit2 Pro and Gear IconX.
  6. To use all the features of the Samsung Gear Manager app on Android 6.0, grant it the necessary permissions in the Android settings. “Customization” > «Apps» > «Galaxy Wearable» > " Permissions”
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