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Google Play services are used to update Google apps and apps from Google Play. This component provides key features such as authentication in Google services and contact syncing, as well as access to the latest privacy settings and better energy-saving services that use location data.
Google Play services make apps and games more convenient: in particular, offline search speeds up, and maps become more realistic. If you delete Google Play services, the apps may stop working.

Is it necessary for your phone to work? No, the way you could use an Android version that doesn't depend on the Google ecosystem, from the app store to maps and other services.

Main Google Play services features:
  • Automatic app updates.
  • Integrating Google services with your phone.
  • Authentication in the company's apps and services.
  • Syncing contacts.
  • Faster offline search.
  • Automatic installation of the app in case of deletion.
  • Problems that may occur
This does not happen very often, but in some cases the stability of this app may not work, and we may find that it is stuck, issues some error in updating, or consumes too much battery power.

In case of failure: if it freezes, it will start again itself, because this is an important function for establishing a connection between Android and the installed software.
High battery consumption: the solution may involve deleting data from the app settings or configuring data synced with your user account.
Update error: in this case, you may have to download the latest version of the app again and reinstall it on your terminal. In any case, this is the best solution if you find any app malfunctions.
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