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Houseparty is an application for group video calls and voice calls. It was designed for a more informal connection.
To make video calls and voice calls a more natural and spontaneous way of communicating with an Android smartphone is the goal of Houseparty. And it achieves this with the help of the hardware included in mobile devices for multimedia functions, as well as with its increasingly faster Internet connections.

Well, this is basically an application for conducting group video calls between two or more users. We might think that it looks like Skype, and it is, but it claims to be less rigid, and that is why it is more focused on the concept of video chat. In other words, this application has a definite purpose, and this is a Snapchat profile user: they want video and voice calls to be as fast as sending a message via WhatsApp.

And will he be able to achieve this? Well, at present, many people use this application, and users are very satisfied… but a pack that does not reach the level of Snapchat or any other applications for teenagers.

Main Houseparty features:
  • Turn notifications on or off.
  • Editing user profile.
  • Lock the room so that no one can access it, and thus protect the privacy of your conversations. The chat administrator is responsible for this function.
  • Mute the microphone if you only want to broadcast the image.
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