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Lens Distortions 4.3.2

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Lens Distortions 4.3.2. Screenshot 2 Lens Distortions 4.3.2. Screenshot 3 Lens Distortions 4.3.2. Screenshot 4 Lens Distortions 4.3.2. Screenshot 5
Lens Distortions — popular photo editor for iOS, finally appeared. This utility adds various effects to photos, but, unlike similar applications, its graphic add-ons are quite realistic — few people will guess that the «rainy» photo you published with a sad quote was actually taken on a «dry» day.
Lens Distortions adds rain, fog, sun glare, and the like to images — the user can adjust the appearance of each of the effects. The utility will definitely appeal to people who are interested in mobile photography.

Main Lens Distortions app features:
  • Light Hits — the most beautiful and easy-to-use lens flare available.
  • Natural Elements — organic rain, snow, and fog effects to enhance your overcast scenes.
  • Signature Overlays — iconic glass textures and unique foreground elements to help you elegantly frame your shot.
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