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LinkedIn for Android allows you to use a social network on your mobile phone where you can communicate with professionals in various fields. LinkedIn app allows you to use this social network for professionals using mobile devices, for which it was adapted.
You can use all the features available on the website of this service, which is used by more than thirty-five million users. Even if you don't have direct access to your computer, you can manage your professional profile settings, get information about contacts and professional news, search for people and the necessary knowledge.

The app will help you find a new job and solve issues related to your current job.
This is a very useful tool that allows you to use every opportunity for career growth.

Download LinkedIn 4.1.564

120,3 MB

Certificate checked No viruses found QR Permissions (18)
Android 5.0+
ARMv8 (64bit), ARMv7 and better, x86, x86_64
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Download LinkedIn 3.5.4
21,7 MB

Certificate checked No viruses found QR Permissions (21)
Android 2.3+
ARMv6 and better, x86, x86_64
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