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Mi App Vault is a great app from Xiaomi that will help you set up quick access to your most favorite and frequently used apps and their features.
To be honest, spending time searching for the right app on your phone can sometimes be very inconvenient. Especially when you need to do something urgently. Or, there is another case when you are interested in a certain function of the app, and it seems to take forever to launch it, log in to your personal account, and load the menu. Thanks to App vault, you will be able to get quick access to the necessary content, skip all unnecessary movements and reduce the loss of time.

To get quick access to the app, just add its shortcut to the home screen. App vault users will also be able to create notes and configure the shortest path to certain app features. If you are tired of the age-old notifications that make your device rampant and clog up the main screen-configure their activity for yourself. Make your gadget more convenient and smarter with App vault, speed up your app experience, and enjoy innovative solutions to annoying problems!

Mi App Vault features:
  • Simple interface;
  • Ability to create app shortcuts;
  • Configuring quick access to certain app features;
  • Setting up notifications;
  • Quick notes.
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