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Mi Calendar is a calendar app for smartphones from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. Organize your life and events and don't forget important dates
Xiaomi devices have managed to occupy a very important place in the saturated market of mobile phones with Android OS due to the fact that they offer high performance at very affordable prices. But also because they have their own ecosystem of apps that make Android work very synchronously with their hardware.

Mi Calendar is part of this ecosystem and is the default calendar app on these phones. You can use it to check dates, organize your agenda, and make all sorts of notes.

It offers a simple and moderate design, focusing on usability, so that it is easy to manage while performing various supported functions.

Main Mi Calendar features:
  • Find out the details of a specific date.
  • Manage recorded meetings.
  • Add events and details to them.
  • Link the calendar to your notes.
  • Divide the days into hours.
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