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Mi Explorer is a file Manager from Xiaomi that allows you to perform all the basic actions with files: move, copy, delete, and rename. The program can also work with ZIP and RAR archives.
Mi Explorer recognizes many popular and frequently used formats, including music, videos, images, text documents, ZIP and RAR archives, and APK files. In one click, you can clear the cache and free up memory, divide files into categories, view frequently used files, and share files with friends without an Internet connection using Mi Drop.

Among the features of Mi FileExplorer, you can note the function of clearing memory from the application cache, as well as wireless file sharing via Mi Drop and FTP.

Main Mi Explorer features:
  • Recent: View files that you have recently worked with.
  • Categories: Divide files into categories by format. From here you will be able to access frequently used applications.
  • Storage: View information about your storage and manage all folders on your device.
  • Cleanup: Free up space in your device's memory by deleting the cache and unnecessary files.
  • Mi Drop: Share files with friends nearby without an Internet connection.
  • Full search: Find files by keywords.
  • Support for multiple formats: Open videos, music, text documents, APK files, and unpack archives with just one click.
  • File compression: Working with ZIP / RAR archives.
  • Manage groups of files: Select multiple files to perform an identical operation.
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