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Mi Home — this application from Xiaomi allows you to control smart devices from your smartphone. You can use it to create an ecosystem from Xiaomi in your home. The app also allows you to create scenarios for launching smart devices.
Xiaomi produces almost everything you can imagine: from smartphones and tablets to pens, sneakers, alarm clocks, humidifiers and many other things, both high-tech and ordinary household items.

In an attempt to monopolize the market, the brand has focused on creating connected devices that will help us in our homes: smart led light bulbs, air purifiers, thermostats, robot vacuum cleaners, smart sockets, and others. Everything you need around the house can now be smart and automated, without having to pay a fortune.

If you have smart devices from Xiaomi at home, the brand offers its customers an Android app from which they can centralize all management and programming: Mi Home.

Main Mi Home features:
  • Easy-to-use interface and Material Design
  • Works through tabs that show each device connected via maps
  • Easily add devices, and each of them displays an activation icon that lets you know whether it is enabled or not, and what its charge level is, in the case of a device that uses a battery.
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