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Microsoft Teams is a connectivity and productivity tool developed by Microsoft to streamline collaboration.
Teams is a multi-platform application developed by Microsoft to improve communications in companies. This service is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Windows Phone, and offers its users and members of the same organization a platform for combining messages, users, files and tools to make communication more smooth, as well as to simplify our collaboration.

The Office 365 messaging system is the main idea behind the development of Microsoft Teams, an application that allows you to constantly keep in touch with colleagues, simplifying the exchange of ideas and impressions about the same task, working together and allowing all team members to view changes and gain access to various office tools for development of their projects.

Main Microsoft Teams features:
  • Work with documents and files on the fly and navigate all areas to which you have access rights.
  • Chat with your colleagues using public and private chats.
  • Customize your workspace and organize its contents as you like best.
  • Use the built-in search engine to quickly find any information or contact.
  • Set up a notification system.
  • Save your important conversations so you can access them when necessary.
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