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Minecraft — a mobile version of the popular sandbox with an open world, survival mode and the ability to play over the network, made in a retro style. The game world consists of cubes and you can freely move them or create new ones, this allows you to build structures of any complexity. Minecraft is a huge field for your creativity and entertainment with friends.
There is no clear goal or quests, choose an activity to your liking, explore the world, create items or structures, and fight with opponents. Crafting items is possible with the help of various special devices, such as a workbench and a metal oven.

In Minecraft, there is a change of day and night, one day in the game lasts 20 minutes of real time. During the day, friendly creatures like pigs, sheep, or cows appear, and at nightfall, hostile spiders, zombies, and skeletons appear. Therefore, you should take care of creating a shelter and weapons for protection.

In addition to the standard world, you can explore the Lower world and the Edge, but you can only get to them through portals. Parallel worlds in Minecraft are more dangerous and hostile, but they expand your capabilities. In addition, the available materials allow you to create devices for calling the game's bosses. Using the Red Stone resource, you can create logic diagrams for building interactive elements, such as levers or valves.

Minecraft game features:
  • A completely open world.
  • Changeability of all elements of the universe.
  • Play together on a local network or on servers.
  • Support for extensions.
  • Funny pixel graphics.
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