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Net Optimizer — finds a suitable server to increase the response speed of servers.
With this app, you can increase your web surfing speed, as well as lower your ping in online games. When enabled, the app will automatically find the fastest server, depending on your location, which will minimize latency. The app automatically detects network problems and fixes them to increase performance.

When using this app, you will notice significant changes in your connection speed. The app supports a huge number of DNS servers. The app works with both mobile networks and Wi-Fi. If you need to, you can view detailed information about the server you are connected to. The app has a simple interface, but a beautiful and colorful design.

Main Net Optimizer app features:
  • Support for a huge number of servers.
  • Speeds up web surfing and reduces ping in online games.
  • Finds a suitable server based on your location.
  • Beautiful and colorful design.
  • Fixes network problems.
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