Null’s Brawl 48.326

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Null’s Brawl 48.326. Screenshot 1 Null’s Brawl 48.326. Screenshot 2 Null’s Brawl 48.326. Screenshot 3 Null’s Brawl 48.326. Screenshot 4
Null's Brawl — a new private server of the famous game Brawl Stars. Today it is available to everyone, as it has already passed all stages of testing.
You can play any of the 21 fighters. All of them are open and available for free, and even when you change your account, all characters will be available to you.

In this game, absolutely everything is free, which means that you will be on an equal footing in the arena and it's up to you and your abilities to win or lose. It is important to evade the opponent's attacks and attack yourself, destroying the enemy.

Also available in Null's Brawl:
  • battle with bots.
  • Multiplayer battle.
  • All skins, gadgets and stars.
Чтобы увидеть более ранние версии, войдите на сайт
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