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OnePlus Gallery 4.0.297. Screenshot 1 OnePlus Gallery 4.0.297. Screenshot 2 OnePlus Gallery 4.0.297. Screenshot 3 OnePlus Gallery 4.0.297. Screenshot 4 OnePlus Gallery 4.0.297. Screenshot 5
OnePlus Gallery is a gallery app that is available not only on smartphones from the same manufacturer, but also on devices from other companies. However, the developer notes that the main compatibility is implemented only with The oxygenos 2.2 and higher shell. Like any other gallery, OnePlus Gallery can sort photos, view them, and edit and send them to social networks. All photos in the app are mostly presented in streaming form. In the interface, the main focus is on convenience and fast navigation, even in the largest photo galleries.
Not many gallery apps offer editing. OnePlus Gallery is one of them. The program offers basic tools like cropping, resizing, and even drawing on photos. After editing the photo, you can immediately send it to any social network.
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