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Root Checker Basic 6.5.3. Screenshot 1 Root Checker Basic 6.5.3. Screenshot 2 Root Checker Basic 6.5.3. Screenshot 3 Root Checker Basic 6.5.3. Screenshot 4 Root Checker Basic 6.5.3. Screenshot 5 Root Checker Basic 6.5.3. Screenshot 6 Root Checker Basic 6.5.3. Screenshot 7 Root Checker Basic 6.5.3. Screenshot 8
Root Checker Basic will allow you to make sure that you have full Root access (Superuser) and a full BusyBox installation. The purpose of this app is to provide even a novice Android user with a simple way to check Root access on their device. Also, this application will allow the user to check the correct installation of BusyBox.
Root scan mode displays shared binary su locations and file access permissions, as well as the results of the root uid/GID of the superuser.installation and apk version, custom default adb shell mode, and system-defined path. The app makes it very simple and easy to export detailed output via email or any other social media app installed on your device (Twitter, SMS, etc.). Easy sharing of detailed and technical results makes it easy to share! One simple click allows you to share Root or BusyBox details for collaboration or Troubleshooting!

A common method for solving problems related to properly installing and configuring root access via a su binary file is to collect permissions around the su binary file along with the installation location. All this information is quickly summed up in a few seconds using this app. To provide even more convenience, this information can be quickly exported and transmitted to help solve binary and root su problems.

The widget provided with this app allows you to easily and constantly monitor the root access status. The widget allows the user to configure the timer interval for checking the status of root and busybox. The widget will always keep the user updated with on-screen widget notifications about root and busybox installation and working status.
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