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Samsung Calendar is an application for creating and managing everyday tasks in Samsung smartphones.
To have time to do all the planned things, you do not have to be a genius in the forehead. It is enough to be able to properly organize and calculate your time. And, if you always carry a notebook with notes — it's not very convenient, then you probably keep your smartphone with you 24/7. Learn how to calculate your time by the minute with Samsung Calendar. Add to the calendar all the most important and not so important, so as not to miss a single event in your life. The boss's birthday? Exit a new game? Buy green bananas in the store? In Samsung Calendar, you can enter absolutely any task!

Thanks to the simple and minimalistic design, nothing will distract you from your tasks. And timely reminders just won't let you forget about an upcoming event, date, meeting, or important task.

Features of the Samsung Calendar app:
  • Simple and stylish design;
  • Task Management services;
  • Task reminders;
  • Ability to save important dates.

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Android 10.0+
ARMv8 (64bit), ARMv7 and better
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