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Samsung Gallery is the official and best-of-its-kind app for viewing images on Samsung Galaxy series devices.
Despite the fact that it is official and installed by default, it is pointless to search for prototypes and replacements for this application. Samsung gallery automatically creates albums for your photos and arranges them according to the apps where they were taken. Samsung Gallery also takes into account the image format. Search for photos is simplified to the point of impossibility: search for photos you are interested in by tags or geolocation of the shooting.

Like other similar gallery apps, Samsung Gallery has a graphic editor that is equipped with only the most necessary options, such as contrast, heat, white balance, and more. On the one hand, it is simple and minimalistic, and on the other hand, it is multifunctional and has only the most necessary functions.

Features of the Samsung Gallery app:
  • Simple interface;
  • Built-in graphic editor;
  • Convenient photo sorting;
  • Only works on Samsung devices.
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