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Samsung Game Launcher — a single game management center. All your games will be collected in one convenient place, and new downloads will be added automatically.
During the game, the user can open a menu that opens access to additional functions:
  • disable notifications during the game;
  • disabling touch keys while playing the game;
  • collapsing the game into a small window;
  • creating a screenshot;
  • start recording the gameplay.
  • When capturing gameplay video, you can choose the resolution, enable / disable the display of the user's avatar, enable shooting from the front camera in a small window, enable the microphone for recording comments, and disable sounds from the game.

Similar features were previously available through third-party apps, but now Samsung has integrated it with the system, which will certainly appeal to those who shoot game reviews, as well as those who do not want to be distracted by incoming notifications.

Before starting the game, you can disable and hide incoming notifications, as well as set up a reduced power consumption mode.
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