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Samsung Internet Browser — take your browsing security and privacy into your own hands. Samsung's secret Internet mode helps protect your security and privacy when working on the Internet. Available only after user authentication, Secret Mode never reveals data about viewed pages. You can use fingerprint authentication when entering secret mode to increase security.
Main Samsung Internet Browser features:
  • Secret mode — Enabled only for user authentication, Secret mode never leaves a trace of your browsing data.
  • Secure Web Auto Login — on devices equipped with fingerprint scanners, Samsung Internet provides an easier but more secure way for you to log in to sites.
  • Quick access page allows you to visit your favorite sites with a single click. the default site in the list are selected depending on the countries, carriers, etc., to give you a more intimate experience. 
  • Content maps shown on the quick access page dynamically recommend web content, allowing you to access useful and interesting content more easily.
  • Navigation Page — This mobile friendly version of the well-known regional «Top Sites» page can be set as a home page to provide you with easy access to interesting and useful sites.
  • Open tabs and bookmarks Sync-sync your open tabs and Bookmarks with other devices via your Samsung or Firefox accounts. With your Samsung account, saved pages will also be synced.
  • Content Blocker — Install 3rd party apps to enable content Blocking to view web pages with less interference.
  • Pop-up video-view online videos in a pop-up window to view web pages while the video is playing.
  • Video History — Review videos easily with a separately managed list of video history. This list is also shared with Samsung Internet for VR broadcasts, so you can view your favorite videos with a single click, in a more immersive environment.
  • Contextual promotion Banner — Samsung Internet recommends setting a shortcut for sites that you frequently visit using banner notifications.
  • Web Push — Get Push notifications from your favorite websites without installing their native apps.
  • Reader mode and Saved pages — Reader Mode presents articles in a simple layout to make it easier to read. Saved pages stores web pages on your device, so you can check them at your convenience, even when your device is offline.
  • S Pen Features — Convenient Spen features available on Galaxy Note devices can be used for easy breaking or sharing web content.
  • KNOX Support — Samsung Internet for KNOX includes an organization's security policy to ensure control over web access.
  • Ultra Power power saving mode — Samsung Galaxy devices provide ultra power saving mode and emergency mode for long battery life. Samsung Internet is the only web browser that can be used in these modes.
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