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Samsung One UI Home is a launcher with a simple layout, conveniently ordered icons, and a home screen and app screen that are perfect for Galaxy devices. Meet the «Home screen One UI” — an advanced graphical shell that combines familiar features with innovative solutions.
Main Samsung One UI Home features:
  • Use gestures in full-screen mode on the home screen.
  • You can hide the navigation buttons at the bottom of the home screen and quickly switch between apps using gestures. Now there is even more free space on the main screen.
  • Block the home screen layout after you change the order of the app icons.
  • With this feature, you can prevent pages from being added accidentally, as well as moving or deleting app icons on the home screen. To lock the home screen layout, go to the home screen settings and enable the „home screen Lock“ function.
  • Tap and hold app or widget icons.
  • You can quickly access information about the app or widget settings without going to numerous menus.
  • To use the features described above, install Android Pie (9.0) or a newer version. The availability of features depends on the device model and OS version.

If you have any questions about using The „home screen One UI“ or have any problems, please contact our support team in the Samsung Members app.
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