Samsung Phone 15.1.82

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Samsung Phone is a stylish official app from Samsung for managing calls on your smartphone.
Samsung Phone is the app that is installed by default and does not need an additional presentation. With this simple app, you can manage outgoing, incoming, and missed calls in just a couple of clicks. On the smartphone screen, you can always see which number or contact is calling you, and who you are calling. In addition, if a certain number is in your contact book, you will be able to see the photo assigned to it and full information about it.

This app is usually installed on almost all Samsung smartphones and is the best, official app of its kind. Undoubtedly, there are hundreds of its alternatives with more sophisticated and interesting functionality, but you can hardly find a simpler, optimized and high-quality application on the Internet.

Features of the Samsung Phone app:
  • Simple design;
  • Official App;
  • Call Management;
  • Information about numbers and contacts.
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