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Samsung Weather is a simple and beautiful weather app with daily forecasts for all Samsung devices.
Dress up for the weather with Samsung Weather! Keep up to date with all weather changes: watch weather changes hourly, daily, or weekly. Wherever you are, Samsung Weather will provide you with a detailed weather forecast based on your location. Moreover, for your convenience, you can add a small widget to your smartphones home screen and watch weather forecasts without even turning on the app.

One of the most pleasant features of this app is that the weather is linked to your location and will change depending on your movement. Nothing more needs to be set up manually, Samsung Weather will do everything for you! You can also easily track the weather in the cities where your family and friends live.

Features of the Samsung Weather app:
  • Minimalistic interface;
  • Accurate weather forecast for an hour/day/week;
  • View weather by city and country;
  • Automatic geolocation tracking.
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