Shimeji 4.1

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Android 4.1+
Shimeji 4.1. Screenshot 1 Shimeji 4.1. Screenshot 2 Shimeji 4.1. Screenshot 3 Shimeji 4.1. Screenshot 4
Shimejis is an app with animated characters that will play on your smartphone screen. Use all the features of Shimejis to personalize your mobile device.
Shimeji is a live wallpaper with unique characters. You will have access to two free Shimeji characters (Miku, Neko), and you can also find many other heroes from the Shimeji page absolutely for free. Just save the picture and add animated characters to the screen of your smartphone.

Main Shimeji app features:
  • Stunning live wallpaper with interesting characters. Each of them has a unique animation.
  • Adding new wallpapers.
  • Free characters with fun interaction among themselves.
  • The ability to get information about the artists who create the characters.
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