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Sketch 9.0.T.0.6. Screenshot 1 Sketch 9.0.T.0.6. Screenshot 2 Sketch 9.0.T.0.6. Screenshot 3 Sketch 9.0.T.0.6. Screenshot 4 Sketch 9.0.T.0.6. Screenshot 5
Sketch is a drawing and photo editing app from Sony. Just create — no skills are required. The community of the Sketch app will be an inexhaustible source of inspiration for you, where you can share your work.
Sketch app features:
  • Create sketches with fun brushes and tools.
  • Add text blocks and free stickers to your artwork.
  • Create more professional sketches from multiple layers.
  • Change the zoom level for more detail.
  • Be inspired by yourself and inspire other users.
  • Participate in joint projects and improve the work of others.
  • Create backups and sync data across multiple devices.
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