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Speedcheck is a useful and multi-functional tool that will help you not only test your Internet speed, but also find WiFi points.
If you have any doubts about your package or the quality of Internet coverage in your city, Speedcheck will try to dispel or confirm them. With Speedcheck, you can measure the speed of both WiFi and mobile Internet. Also in this app there is a convenient search engine that will help you find WiFi access points. What about altruism? Measure the Internet speed in cafes, restaurants, hotels, parks, and other public places, add the results to the General database, and inform all users.

All available information about Internet coverage can be viewed on the official website of the app or through any search engine. In Speedcheck, you can measure the speed of return, download and ping, which is very important for fans of surfing the Internet or playing online games.

Features of the Speedcheck app:
  • Test speed for 3G and 4G cellular connections, LTE connectivity to improve coverage
  • Check the download and upload speed, as well as the ping of Wi-Fi access points on dsl, adsl, and cable connections.
  • Help you find free Wi-Fi hotspots with fast network connections by submitting your test results to the crowdsourcing Wi-Fi Finder database
  • Worldwide high-speed network of data servers for reliable results
  • Keep track of your Internet speed tests in your personal results history. This includes upload and download speed, ping, signal strength, network name, internal and external IP address, and test date.
  • Compare your different mobile phone speed tests 3G, 4G, LTE. Research on the reliability of broadband DSL, cable connections over time.
  • Use Wi-Fi Finder to access the coverage map, which will allow you to easily find free, fast Wi-Fi hotspots around you in hotels, cafes and restaurants, as well as in other public places such as shops, bars and libraries
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