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TapTap 2.11.0. Screenshot 1 TapTap 2.11.0. Screenshot 2 TapTap 2.11.0. Screenshot 3 TapTap 2.11.0. Screenshot 4 TapTap 2.11.0. Screenshot 5 TapTap 2.11.0. Screenshot 6 TapTap 2.11.0. Screenshot 7
TapTap is a huge online market with a variety of games that are usually not available on other Western markets.
TapTap Global is an extended version of the classic TapTap app. To download the game you like, you do not need to create a personal account and enter any data, which is a huge plus of this application. Each game is accompanied by a detailed description, screenshots and installation requirements. All this information can be viewed at the click of a button.

On the main screen of the app, you will find the most up-to-date information about updates, releases, and the latest news from the app world. Also freely available is a tab with app ratings and a forum tab where you can discuss topics of interest with other users.

TapTap app features:
  • Intuitive design;
  • No need to register;
  • Huge selection of apps;
  • Detailed app descriptions and rating;
  • Current news feed;
  • Forum with other users.
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