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Time Recording is an easy-to-use app that helps you track the time spent working. Remote work is becoming more common: office work, freelancers, translators, designers, programmers, and customer service… There are more and more jobs that allow you to work without having to move to a specific location.
Among many other examples, small tools are being developed to manage this work time and calculate productivity and profit, or to justify hours worked for companies. Time Recording is one of them, a small tool with a huge number of functions designed for remote work, which we will list below.

Main Time Recording features:
  • Assign tasks and start and end marks for each job.
  • Allows you to write detailed notes.
  • Data is exported to CSV, HTML, or XML.
  • Sync with Google Calendar and integrate with Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Allows you to configure various elements, such as date and time formats, schedule management, time goals, and more.
  • A widget that shows the total number of hours worked and allows you to add notifications in the status bar.
  • Backup and restore it in case of data loss.
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