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Turbo VPN is a free service with no restrictions on traffic and connection time. At this point you already know that certain content from the network is inaccessible from anywhere in the world. For example you may not be able to access certain YouTube videos in your country due to copyright laws. In other countries, even more serious, there are sites subject to censorship with blocked access.
However these viewing restrictions can be avoided thanks to an application that allows you to fake your IP address as in the case of Turbo VPN — Unlimited Free VPN. This application connects you to servers in other countries which on the one hand simulates your access from these geographical areas and on the other hand helps you do this anonymously.
Key Turbo VPN features:
  • Protection against traffic interception.
  • Complete anonymity.
  • Encryption using the OpenVPN protocol.
  • Optimized for mobile networks (UDP / TCP).
Just click on the screen where Tap to connect is indicated. Wait a few seconds and you will be connected through another server to the Internet, with the ability to exit the application and freely use other applications. To reconnect, tap again to disconnect.

In the upper right corner you can choose where you want to connect from, having the opportunity to choose a faster server or conversely select a country from the list: you can pretend that you are viewing pages from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, France, South America, Canada, Singapore or India.
On analysis: Turbo VPN 3.9.9
23,1 MB

Certificate checked No viruses found Permissions (5)
Android 5.0+
ARMv7 and better
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On analysis: Turbo VPN
23 MB

Certificate checked No viruses found Permissions (6)
Android 5.0+
ARMv7 and better
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Download Turbo VPN 3.9.6
23,5 MB

Certificate checked No viruses found QR Permissions (6)
Android 4.4+
ARMv7 and better
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