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U-Dictionary – a free app for translation on the basis of most credible dictionaries. No matter where you are, forget about language barriers.
Today U-Dictionary offers its users official Oxford Dictionaries in 12 languages! Besides, there is Offline Sentence Translation available in 58 languages. U-Dictionary uses Collins Advanced Dictionary, WordNet Dictionary, Native Examples, Synonyms, Antonyms etc. You can find English videos and games in this app as well.

U-Dictionary is not just a simple dictionary. It translates any texts, images or talks in 108 languages.

U-Dictionary main features:
  • Official Oxford Dictionaries: 12 languages available (including 7 Indian languages). 
  • Instant translation: Use magic translation ball in any app you need. Fast and convenient!
  • Translate using camera: Shoot the text or choose an image from your gallery. Recognizes 12 languages.
  • Oral translation: Easily translates cues in the conversations (49 accents, 35 languages).
  • Offline mode: Free download of Offline Translation Packages for 58 languages. 
  • Bookmarks: save necessary words and start revising them each day.
  • Correct Examples: find words and sentences only from reliable sources such as BBC, NPR, etc.
  • Entertainment: Find out various games that will help you both to relax and increase your language level.

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