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Via Browser 5.3.0. Screenshot 1 Via Browser 5.3.0. Screenshot 2 Via Browser 5.3.0. Screenshot 3 Via Browser 5.3.0. Screenshot 4
Via Browser is a lightweight but powerful browser that uses the Pro WebKit core. A wide variety of user settings! Super light browser It is perfect for old phones with 1G of RAM, on which modern browsers slow down and do not work.
Main features:
  • The WebKit core is used
  • HTML5 support
  • Night mode with setting
  • Working with bookmarks and downloads
  • Support for Flash Player (if it is already installed)
  • Java Script Support
  • The «Find on Page» function»
  • Selecting a User Agent
  • Working in the «Incognito» mode»
  • Clearing cache and history on closing
  • Ad blocker with settings
  • Built-in translator
  • Working in the «No images» mode»
  • Ability to take a screenshot
  • Recover lost tabs on restart
  • Installing the home page
  • Selecting the text encoding
  • Ability to add a topic
  • Ability to save pages
  • Text copy function
  • Playing YouTube videos without additional content
  • Assigning actions to buttons and touches
  • Working with plugins (loading from settings)
  • Selecting the visualization and screen orientation
  • Selecting the font size
  • Loading pages in browse mode
  • Backup and restore bookmarks
  • The file loader is loaded from plugins
  • Animation support and more…
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