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WEBTOON is an application that has gathered hundreds of thousands of comic book lovers of various genres, from action movies to horror. Unique fan comics of very good quality are often created for this application, and most importantly, the application is free.
There are comic book lovers all over the world, and often they simply cannot unite for various reasons. This application will be able to solve all problems, from the language to the time zone, and people will be able to read and discuss their favorite comics together.

A distinctive feature of the application is that fans very often create exclusive comics specifically for this application. Also, you can create your work directly in the application using ready-made layouts made by developers and fans. Or, for example, you can cooperate with other people by drawing comics for them, or write a text for an already finished work.

Main WEBTOON app features:
  • Huge fan base.
  • Great functionality.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • Unique comics.
  • Ready-made layouts for comics.
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