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YoYo 3.0.1. Screenshot 1 YoYo 3.0.1. Screenshot 2 YoYo 3.0.1. Screenshot 3 YoYo 3.0.1. Screenshot 4 YoYo 3.0.1. Screenshot 5 YoYo 3.0.1. Screenshot 6 YoYo 3.0.1. Screenshot 7 YoYo 3.0.1. Screenshot 8
YoYo — is a new convenient chat with a bunch of bonuses. Here you can easily connect with different people around the world and make new friends! Do you want to start chatting with many people in conference mode? YoYo supports group chats with exclusive gifts.
Send voice messages, share music, keep in touch with loved ones and send each other funny stickers.
YoYo works wherever there is internet! Communicate and make contact anywhere in the world!
Before starting a conversation, you can brightly and effectively enter the correspondence with an interesting speech in order to attract more attention!

Open chests, fight with your friends for a top 1 spot in the ranking! Send gifts to each other in the form of a car, plane, boat and much more.

YoYo main features:
  • More than 10,000,000 users worldwide and more than 23,000 satisfied 5-star ratings
  • YoYo chat is completely free!
  • Beautiful and eye-pleasing interface
  • Lots of gifts and game rating system
  • Official app
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