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Zili is a short video social network developed by Xiaomi to record and share video with one click. Upload your video and discover other users
With TikTok and Instagram, the leading way social media videos have become extremely popular. Xiaomi has released its own application called Zili which has a format similar to the former.

With this app, you can record everything you want, whether you are from the front camera of your device or anything else that is happening around you, using the rear camera. The app was designed to make it easier to record yourself on video with as few touches as possible. In addition, it comes along with dozens of effects to give our creations a more dramatic touch.

In turn, you can follow other users of the application, exploring hashtags or the most popular videos written by thousands of users who participate in this platform.

These are the main features and functions of this application to record and publish videos:
  • Dozens of effects should apply to live video.
  • Choose different themes for your video: Starry nights, hearts, beauty themes ...
  • Create a video with the Boomerang effect.
  • Explore various videos created by other users.
  • Play videos in different languages.
  • Share video with one touch.
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